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Fiber laser marking machine principle detail explanation (2)

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Fiber laser marking features

Optical fiber laser marking machine has many advantages. Because of its special working principle. And contrast with the traditional symbol method (pad printing, coding, electric corrosion, etc.);

1) Non-contact processing

The symbol can print on any regular or irregular surface. And the internal stress of the workpiece will not occur after marking;

2) Wide range of materials

Can print on materials of different types. Or different hardness such as metal, plastic, ceramics, glass, paper, leather, etc.

3) Integration with other equipments on the production line. And leading to the automation of the production line;

4) Symbols are clear, durable, beautiful, and can be useful for anti-counterfeiting;

5) Long service life and no pollution;

6) Low working capital

Marking speed is fast and the symbol is formed once. The energy consumption is small. So the working capital is low.

Although the cost of equipment for laser marking machines is greater than that of traditional symbol devices. And the principle of using laser marking machines is much lower in terms of working capital.

1 Plastic triode marking:

The working speed of the marking machine is 10 pcs/sec. If the equipment depreciate for 5 years, the marking cost is 0.00048 yuan/pc. And assuming the use of a pad printer. The sum of its working capital is about 0.002 yuan/a, or even higher.

2 Bearing surface marking:

If the bearing divide into three equal divisions, a total of 18 No. 4 characters. Then use galvanometer-type marking machine, the use of Xenon lamp lamp life is 700 hours accounting. Then each bearing marking summary, the cost is 0.00915 yuan. The cost of electric etching lettering is about 0.015 yuan/piece. With an annual output of 4 million sets of bearings, only one mark can use. In one year, the cost can reduce about 65,000 yuan.

7) High processing efficiency

The laser beam under the control of the calculator can move at a high speed (up to 5 to 7 meters per second). And the marking process can complete in a few seconds. The printing of a standard calculator keyboard can complete within 12 seconds. The laser marking system equip with a calculator control system.  That can cooperate with the high-speed assembly line.

8) Fast development

Then thanks to the liaison between the laser technology and the accounting machine technology. Users can finish the laser printing output as long as they program on the accounting machine. And can change the printing plan at any time, fundamentally replacing the traditional mold making process. In order to shorten the product upgrading cycles. And flexible production. Supplies convenience.

9) High precision machining

So the laser energy acts on the surface of the material with a very fine beam. And the thinnest line width can reach 0.05mm. And for the precision processing and increase the function of anti-counterfeiting created a vast space for use.

Then laser marking can satisfy the need to print a lot of data on very small plastic parts. For example, two-dimensional bar codes that require more precise and clearer printing can be printed. And compared with embossing or jet marking methods, have a stronger market competitiveness.

10) Low maintenance costs

Then the principle of fiber laser marking machine not limit to the use of the number of life of the template printing technology. And the maintenance cost of the batch processing is extremely low.

11) Environmental protection

So optical fiber laser marking is non-contact marking, which saves energy. And compared with the corrosion method, chemical contamination is avoided. And compared with mechanical marking, noise pollution can also reduce.