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Fiber laser marking machine for metal tags and plates

Tags or plates may appear not very significant in the overall process of product manufacturing. But they sometimes play crucial role in the product lifecycle. Why are plates important? Where to use them? Why is fiber laser marking machine the perfect match? The article will provide the answers to these questions. And show engraving nameplates are essential for various industries.

Why Are Tags Used?

In general, tags and plates (or nameplates) mean to keep the information about the product they are attached to. Batch codes, manufacturer’s ID, date identification, part numbering, lot or shift codes and other data to identify and trace the product is safe with tags.

Tags are quite popular for product, part and equipment labeling. Especially in the situations, when inscribing on the product directly is impossible on technological, safety or other reasons. Nameplates are also widely used in other aspects. Assets and property inventory, pets and cattle identification, VIN numbering, keeping medical alert information, etc.

Fiber laser marking machine for metal

The product has to be traced and identified during the entire lifetime. Therefore tags are usually metal material. But using this wear resistant and durable material is not enough. Because it is only the holder of the necessary information. The information put on the tag has to be indelible as well. If your demands to the number and quality of the tags are higher, the best solution is a fiber laser marking machine.

7 Benefits of fiber laser marking machine

● Works fast
● Smoothly integrates into the manufacturing process
● Easy to operate
● Superior adaptability and wide customization options
● Compact and easy to store
● The technology requires no consumables
● Excellent quality means high precision at once, no defects

As a result, a manufacturer can mark any necessary quantity of nameplates quickly without sacrificing the quality. The information on the tag will be easily readable both by human eye and by the industrial scanner. And resistible to any kind of exposure.Thus, fiber laser marking machine is the answer to the requests of those customers.


Metal plates, tags need quality and permanent engraving. With fiber laser marking machine metal, tags will achieve good quality. And accurate marks serving your product for as long as you need and even longer. With XTLASER solutions, you will get the best result quickly and easily.

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