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Fiber laser marking machine marking parameter adjustment

Fiber laser marking machine is popular among more and more people for its high efficiency, high stability, wide application range, no consumables, maintenance-free, and long service life. More and more industries are now introducing fiber laser marking machines. What parameters do we use when using a fiber laser marking machine? How should these parameters properly adjusted?

First of all, the parameters we commonly use are frequency, speed, power, and fill. If the pulse width is adjustable, the fiber laser marking machine will also have a pulse width. Let me give you a first explanation of the definition and meaning of these parameters.
Secondly, the marking frequency, the number of pulses per unit time is calling the marking frequency of the fiber laser marking machine. This is a good understanding. When the marking frequency is large, the laser spot is dense. And if the marking frequency is small, the laser spot is loose. Although the naked eye may not feel it, if we put the marking place under the electron microscope. We can see that it is a continuous line in the eyes. It is compose of many points. The higher the marking frequency, the denser the laser spot and the smoother the marking.

Then, marking speed, here refers to the moving speed of the laser. Because the overall marking speed is not only affect by the adjustment of the speed parameters, but also by the marking depth, marking area and other factors. Marking speed The role of this parameter is that the faster the other conditions are, the faster the marking speed will be. The speed is fast, and the number of times the laser is struck in the same place is less. Slow speed is more conducive to depth. But it is not the slower the speed, the better the depth. Because the speed of the marking is too slow, the material that the laser hits will accumulate on the surface of the material, affecting the laser to hit deeper. So if you are playing depth, you should use a high speed sweep after a few times at low speed.

Marking power, in the parameter setting, the power is adjust, and the output power from 0% to 100% can adjust. The default default parameter is 50% of the output power. The larger the output power is, the larger the laser output energy is, and the easier it is to hit the depth. However, the output power should adjust according to your actual needs, because the output energy is too large, the greater the impact on the material, you can achieve the desired effect without having to open more power, otherwise long time and high load Working, it will have an impact on the life of the laser.

Filling is mainly use in close graphs that are not relate to each other. Fill types are: one-way fill, two-way fill, circular fill, and optimized two-way fill to adjust fill angle and line spacing, line margins. There is nothing to say about this parameter. Everyone actually knows what is going on (filling the lines in the graph).
Then, the last is the pulse width. Pulse width is the duration of a pulse. The general fiber laser marking machine does not have the function of adjusting the pulse width. What are the advantages of the fiber laser marking machine with adjustable pulse width, which can use to black alumina, and has a certain advantage in depth.



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