Fiber laser marking machine,firearms gun deep engraving laser machine-jill

Fiber laser marking machine,firearms gun deep engraving laser machine

Today we would like to share some information for firearms gun deep engraving laser machine.

Fiber laser marker is widely used in gun firearms industry.


1.Firstly,for wattage choose

If just surface marking,20w is ok.

Most customers need to do deep engraving work on guns.

So they choose 30w 50w or 60w.

50w is the best seller in firearms industry.

Especially you always do the deep engraving work on steel.

Aluminum and brass is easier to do deep engraving.


2.Secondly,Machine model

In order to save shipping cost,most overseas customer choose the min split model.

1)Firstly,mini model





2)Secondly,Desktop model








3)Thirdly,Enclosed model






3.Thirdly,Rotary axis

Most customers will choose rotary axis to mark the round object,such as the barrel,etc,.

As per experience,80mm rotary is good enough.

rotary device








4.Next,we share some working videos FYI


5.And also,share some gun samples.

gun fiber laser engaving machine
gun fiber laser engraving machine










Fiber Laser Engraving on Firearms









6.And also,Some customers also would like to use it for jewelry customs engraving.

Here we would like to share some videos.–eJXs35TM


7.And next,For stainless steel,mopa fiber laser can do the color marking on stainless steel.

20w and 30w Mopa JPT M1 or M6 is good.

Share some color marking videos.


More questions just let us know.
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