Fiber laser marking machine common problems analysis – Catherine

Fiber laser marking machine common problems analysis

Fiber laser marking machines generally have problems in general, but everything has good and bad sides. There is no doubt that the longer the machine is used, the poor maintenance. Or the operation not standardize, the semiconductor laser there will be certain problems with the marking machine. So you can see the fiber laser marking machine common problems analysis.

What should we do when something goes wrong? And many people consider the first time to be a technician who is looking for a manufacturer or related experience.


Then the reason for the problem under the current small series and how to avoid the problem is again appearing.

Fiber laser marking machines mainly compose of laser modules and their power supplies. Like Q switches and their power supplies, galvanometers and their power supplies, chillers, beam expander mirrors, computer and marking software. And other optical components.

So it is a marking machine with the most complicated structure at present. Which is slightly more complicated than the current fiber laser marking machine and CO2 laser marking machine, and the proportion of possible problems is slightly higher than the above two types of equipment.

The following is an analysis of the causes of the problem of fiber laser marking machines:

1. There is a deviation on the light path. For example, if the vibrating lens is broken, the coating layer of the vibrating lens damage, the surrounding environment is too vibrating, and the external voltage is unstable.
2. The laser cavity has a problem, such as the full mirror and the half mirror is loose (may be the frame is loose), or the laser module is loose, the YAG rod fix loose.
3. The cooling capacity is not enough, such as insufficient water flow, partial blockage of water pipes, bending of water pipes, problems with pumps, problems with compressors
4. There is a problem with the computer and marking software. Such as poisoning, parameters are modified, etc.
5. The laser module has a problem with the module’s 808 chip and the YAG rod saturate, the module power supply has a problem, and the lead-out module is unstable.
6. Q switch is loose, Q switch is not good heat dissipation
7. The temperature difference between the room temperature and the chiller is too large, the humidity is large, and the lens in the laser cavity atomize, such as the full mirror, the half mirror, the Q switch, and the YAG rod end. The solution is to increase the temperature of the chiller, and within a range of not more than 3 degrees from room temperature, put a dry vent in the optical cavity, and seal the optical path.
8. The dust at the time of marking covered the field lens, and the focal length at the time of marking not adjust to the most suitable position.