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Fiber laser marking machine application in sensor industry

The sensor is a device that can sense the measured and converted to usable output signals according to certain rules. Generally, the sensors we need should be stable, reliable and accurate. The traditional technology is hard to meet this requirement, which poses a great obstacle to the development of sensors. With the extensive application of laser marking technology, it brings new development prospects for the sensor industry! Fiber laser marking machine application in sensor industry.
The basic principle of laser marking machine is continuous, high energy laser beam generated by the laser generator. When the laser acts on the printing material, using the principle of laser intensity. The sensor of high efficiency, high precision, low cost. And a permanent marker indelible, enhance traceability.
Laser trimming is controlled by computer and laser movement, using laser pulses in high energy resistance material. Resistance material absorbs light is rapidly heated and vaporized material is evaporated, forming a circular spot in the resistance. When a series of overlapping laser pulses in the resistive material will form a the shape and length of incision. Incision can be appropriate to set the nominal resistance of repair. The metal marking machine has the advantages of high precision. Good repeatability, fast speed, high efficiency, and easy to realize the automation of the whole processing process.

Laser marking machine processing technology of high precision.


High efficiency and precision instruments, good applicability. High sensitivity laser technology is undoubtedly a qualitative leap to the sensor. The use of laser technology not only improves the accuracy of the sensor manufacturing, quality assurance. More important is to update the sensor technology and development prospects a lot of security!

Product Name: 20W fiber laser marking machine
Model: XTL-F20
Product description
Fiber laser marking machine has:
Excellent beam quality, beam TOO mode; the small size, only the size of a desktop computer host; high precision marking 2540dpi; speed, actual production efficiency is 3 times that of traditional machine; maintenance free, usually there is no change of water, changing light and adjust the light path of trouble; long life, without any computer operation the system limit, no consumption of materials, the user can sleep without any anxiety, ease of use; no pollution, no noise, energy saving, power consumption is only the traditional laser machine of 1/25. In addition to our quality to increase customer competitiveness, the company more emphasis on strong after-sales service this advantage to ensure customer product quality and production efficiency.

Product advantage

Laser marking is non-toxic, no deformation, no pollution, wear resistance, stable performance, moderate price, can control the marking depth at will, can work for a long time. With the integrated design structure, the new light sealing way, the overall stability and reliability, beautiful appearance, high-grade. Inherited the maturity and practicability of the previous generations of solid-state laser marking machine, and through the upgrading of software and control system, the stability of the whole machine has been further improved. It can mark any information such as graphic logo and text, and has the characteristics of fine and beautiful marking pattern and never wearing.

Product features

1. high speed
2. free maintenance
3. portable, flexible and environmentally friendly
4. low energy consumption (0.35 kwh / hour)
5. long service life (up to 100 thousand hours)
6. engraving characters fine (minimum 0.15MM)

Applicable materials:

Mobile phone holster, mobile phone shell, mobile phone keys, transparent buttons, plastic buttons, electronic components, integrated circuit (IC), electrical appliances, metal products, metal products, hardware accessories, auto parts, precision metal, precision instruments, watches, jewelry accessories, PVC tube material, food packaging, medical equipment, craft gifts, cloth, leather, wood, plastics, rubber, acrylic, marble, crystal, jade, metal etc..

Applicable materials and industries

Widely used in IT industry, electronics manufacturing industry, communication industry, machinery manufacturing, food and medicines, medical equipment, watch glasses, gifts, precious metal jewelry, packaging and printing etc..


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