Talking about Fiber Laser marking machine configuration–Anne

Talking about Fiber Laser marking machine configuration

1) Laser source

The laser source is core part for whole machine. It supply the laser energy to engrave or cut on metal.

In China, Raycus laser source is the best brand and high cost-effective, most Chinese manufacturer in laser industry use Raycus brand for customers.

The second brand laser source is Max, Max laser source quality also is good, however, after using a few years , the laser energy will reduce 7% to 10%, and repair rate will up to 30% to 45%.  This is the feedback from our customers who have used this type for 2 years. While Raycus laser source laser energy just reduce 3% to 5%, there is less feedback with laser source problem no matter how many years goes by. Raycus lifetime is 100,00 hours.

As is well known, IPG laser source from Germany and is best offer in the world. laser beam quality, laser energy and lifetime are the best. Also the price is much more expensive than Raycus.


2)Scanner head /galvo head (Chinese people like call it as galvo head)

SINO brand scanning head brand from Beijing of China.  It‘s the second famous brand in China. The first one is Century Sunny, Why most Chinese manufacturer use SINO brand ?

The main reason is price and can meet customers requirements.  How does the scanning head work ? It can control the laser light scanning direction.

3)Control board and software

JCZ control board and Ezcad software are used by China laser suppliers.But here is a little bit different. Nowadays, a few suppliers in order to offer low price to attract customers, they will use copy verison control board and copy verison software. How to recognize them ? Copy version control board no barcode on board surface.The copy version board size is bigger than right version.

The right version software version number is 2.14.8. Ezcad software support vector and image file. You can design the vector by Coreldraw, AI, CAD and so on.

Hope this information can help you to choose a suitable machine.

Sales Manager:Anne Zhang