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SHow to mark different colors by fiber laser marking machine

so The application of fiber lasers in laser equipment is pretty extensive, the laser marking industry has also reached the “peak” of the market, but for many years,laser marking patterns have always been black and white.Do you want to mark more beautiful patterns? Do you want to create more innovative crafts? Please check out our color fiber laser marking machine for stainless steel.

SO The basic principle of color marking is that stainless steel is under the action of laser heat source, a colored oxide is formed on the surface,or generate a layer of colorless transparent oxide film.Due to the thin film interference effect of light, various colors are presented.Our color fiber laser marking machine is applied in gstainless steel, titanium, chrome plate and transition metals. It is widely for  medicine packing,medical apparatus and instruments, watches and glassware, auto accessories and electronic hardware industries.

So Compared with ordinary fiber laser marking machine.This model is more flexible.

You can edit all kinds of text patterns as you like, very convenient and easy to operate.Safe and environmentally friendly.And fast marking speed.

For the stainless steel products industry, the application of color laser marking can add graphic color,increase the added value of stainless steel products,enhance the international competitiveness of domestic stainless steel products.

so Laser color marking makes the pattern more diversified. The mark object  is vivid, and the quality of the product is improve. It is an innovation of traditional crafts.
We tested many patterns on the metal plate.If you want to know more information about color fiber laser marking machine for stainless steel,just contact us.

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