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10 Common engraving Mistakes

Fiber Laser Marking Machine

This article, we continue the common mistake about the fiber laser marking machine.

fiber laser marking machine
fiber laser marking machine

Incorrect Dates

If you’re doing custom engraving with fiber laser marking machine, dates are always a tricky point of discussion. Engraving a date might seem like a straightforward process, but dates can be express in a number of different formats, and there is always the potential for a misspelling or a misunderstanding to yield an unintend result that leads to wasted time, energy and materials.

Laser in the Incorrect Location

Between uses, it’s important to “Zero” the laser engraving marking machine. This means resetting the laser to the correct initial position, so it starts working at the edge of the material where it’s supposed to be – not somewhere in the middle.

Forgetting to Save Preset Conditions

Later in this article, we’ll explain why it’s so important to sample test and find the

correct preset conditions for the material you’re working on.

The laser engraving machine doesn’t know what material you’re using, and it comes

with hundreds of settings that produce thousands of combinations. When you find a combination of settings that work well with your material, it’s important that you save it! Otherwise, you’ll have to re-discover what works, wasting your own time and sacrificing continuity in your products.

fiber laser marking machine
fiber laser marking machine

Make A Great Impression By Avoiding These Common Misconceptions

All Metal Surfaces Can Be Engraved by fiber laser marking machine

This actually isn’t true at all. Most metal surfaces can be engraved, but any metal with a rough surface won’t engrave properly at all. Laser engraving works by melting the top layer of material with a high level of precision. The problem with rough-surfaced metals is that the surface isn’t uniform – you won’t be able to read the engraving at all. Metal plated gifts also don’t engrave well sometimes – bad plating may peel up when exposed to high temperatures, ruining your item. Be careful!

Metals can be Buff and Re-Engrave by fiber laser marking machine

This dangerous misconception has led to a lot of damage jewelry, so let’s be very clear about unpacking this one. It is true that you can sometimes buff out an engraving that isn’t very deep and potentially engrave the item again, even over the same place. Unfortunately, plated metal doesn’t work like this at all – you’ll just buff the plating off and reveal the metal underneath the plating, essentially destroying the item. Solid gold and silver with 10k or 14k markings can be buff and re-do, but most other metals can’t be.

Next article, will continue this optic.

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