Bird rings engraved with fiber laser marking machine-lisa

Bird rings engraved with fiber laser marking machine-lisa

Spring is here and to many of us that means BABY CHICKS!! There can be one problem: how do you tell which is which?

Why would you want to keep track of you baby chicks? Well, the answer varies from poultry fancier to poultry fancier but here are a few reasons.

Breeding Program

– One of the main reasons you would want to track your baby chicks is so that you know their lineage. So this would be done by using one of the methods that allows you to track the individual birds. Which means it needs to have numbers on them.

Tracking a Breed

– Sometimes a breed can be easily identified by the type of eggs or the chick marking so you want to tag them and id them right away so you can keep track of that bird.

Age/Year of the birds

– You may want to band your birds so you know how old they are. Layers are usually only laying a lot of eggs for about two years so if you have flock of mixed age birds you should band them so you know which birds belong in which age group.

If you are a bird lover and you happen to read this article, you must be a lucky man.
Yes we already found the ways to solve this problems.
In recent years, fiber laser marking machine is becoming popular on the applications of bird rings.
This is the mini type fiber laser marking machine, a compact model that can save space and shipping cost

what is MOPA laser


Please click these videos to learn the working

1:fiber laser for marking bird rings

2: laser marking machine for rings

3: pigeon rings with laser marking machine

From the video, you saw the rotary and fixture bar are both necessary.
1. Fixture bar, fixing many pcs of rings on one steel, and achive marking once time






2.Rotary device, clamping the steel bar and make it rotating for marking different sides







In summary, fiber laser marking machine widely used on the marking rings, bird rings, pigeon rings, finger rings,

Most of metal materials you can use it to mark

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