Is Fiber Laser Marking Machine Suitable for Marking Pens?(lisa)

Is Fiber Laser Marking Machine Suitable for Marking Pens?

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Pen is a kind of writing instrument which has being popular from ancient times to modern society. It’s with rich meanings and emotions by people. Using pen to write, people also buy it as a gift or a souvenir for their classmates, friends, colleagues and more. A pure pen seems not enough to express people’s feelings or relationship to their loved ones, but some magics can do! A fiber laser marking machine is the magician who decorates the pen with impressive characters, beautiful patterns and emotional memories.

Then what is a fiber laser marking machine? For what use it is designed? And how to mark patterns on the surfaces of pens? The following words will focus on these three questions.

  1. Basics of fiber laser making machine:

Fiber laser marking machine is the most emerging equipment used to mark or engrave on the surfaces of materials. It boasts excellent features that includes high quality marking results, highly efficient energy conversion, low maintenance and operation cost, easy operation and control. As the fast-speed laser head won’t touch the materials directly, the whole marking process is clean and efficient.

  1. Application of fiber laser marking machine:

Fiber laser marker has a so good versatility to process various metals and some nonmetals, of which pens are pretty suitable for marking. Of course, standard fiber laser marking machine can also be utilized in a wide range of industries, such as automobile parts, electronic components, hardware, bar codes, QR codes, etc.

  1. Mark patterns on pens:

It’s also possible to customize the marking where it place according to customers’ needs. Some customers choose to mark the name or date or some other meaningful characters on or around the pen body. While others like to mark special symbols on the pen head so that the user of the pen can see it every time they write. No matter where they mark the patterns, the fiber laser marker can all do that in a satisfying way.

When people receive a laser marked pen with delicate patterns. They must cherish it more and every word they write with it will get more valuable. Besides, such a pen won’t take you much money to gain extraordinary objects.