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Fiber Laser Marking Medical Devices

  • The manufacturing of medical devices is specialize and very rigorous; lives depend on them. A fiber laser marking will last a long time and will not fade through repeated sterilization at high temperatures.
  • With a fiber laser marking system, a large amount of information can be place in a very small area. This makes devices easily and accurately trace. This is important to the well-being of patients if a certain batch of devices should be recall.
  • Medical devices of all sizes and shapes can be laser mark; implants are notoriously oddly shape.


Laser Marking Firearms


Fiber Laser Marking and Engraving of Jewelry

Fiber laser marking machine should be the most popular laser machine on jewelry processing, we can use it both on marking and cutting. We can use any power laser machine on gold, silver, brass and other metal marking. The marking content like picture, pattern, letter, number and so on. Otherway we can use it on deep engraving and thin gold&silver sheet cutting. Now many people use it cut necklace, especally name necelace.

Add one rotary axis for fiber laser marking machine, also we can use it mark rings both inside and outside.

Fiber laser marker’s application in metal industry

Many customers applying into the metal industry ask for the fiber laser marking machine. For example, they mark on the stainless steel, aluminium, carbon steel,brass etc.

In these days,i met with a customer from South Africa on the exhibition. He is a producer of stainless steel products. He sent us a mail  asking for marking on the coated stainless steel. Actually we have met with many customers asking for marking on the coated stainless steel. But he didn’t know whether our machine could mark on it or not. For this coated stainless steel, our machine could mark with no problem. However, this type material is a little different with the stainless steel.

For the coated stainless steel, the minimum we introduce to the customer is 30w. This type machine need remove the surfacing Spray paint firstly, and then do marking on the stainless steel.

Mopa fiber laser marker

Mopa laser is special fiber laser. It can do all work what we did with normal fiber laser. Its main advance is anodized alumium black marking and stainless steel color marking. As its pulse width is adjustable and frequency is big range.

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