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Now we are participating METALEX 2017, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Vietnam as one new market on metal fiber laser marker, this exhibition have very good effect. Today we sign three orders on the spot.

metal fiber laser marker show
laser marking machine

Today Vietnam situation like China 10~20 years ago.. So many company and fund enter Vietnam market. They build new factory and branch company in local and drive economic growth. Nearly all this new industry need use metal fiber laser marker, metal laser cutting machine etc advanced industry equipment. At the same time, laser machine price become lower and lower so that some small businessman also have enough fund to buy it. Now Vietnam is a fast developing market on laser machine.

Developing Metal Fiber Laser Marker Market

Except Vietnam, other Southeast Asia country are also the new market on laser machine, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia etc.

Recent years China government offer a new concept called “the Belt and Road (B&R)”. Southeast Asia country is the front of this concept so more and more China company focus on this market. At the same time, China labor cost become higher and higher recent years, many labour concentrated industry move their factory to these country, they need buy new equipment and replace old one. So various industry fields have very fast development.

Except the new industry, most Southeast Asia country is tourist country, there is many tourist go to these country and buy some gift and souvenir. Laser machine is necessary machine in this fields. Several years ago due to laser machine is expensive so that many businessman have to ask professional laser service company help them do laser marking. Now laser price is low and many of them accumulate some fund on new project. Many of them plan to buy laser machine and do laser marking by themselves. 

Old application plus new development bring big chance on metal fiber laser marker, laser cutter fields.

Follow is some laser marking video.

Fiber laser marking machine for Ceramic Knife

Fiber laser marking machine on mirror


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