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Fiber laser marking machine and fiber laser cutting machine is becoming one of the most important industry machine. Now there is so many machine suppliers in the market. These suppliers have big difference on machine price. also they use different fiber laser machine parts. We all know Germany is the most advanced country on laser product, many people like Germany product. But we know Germany product is very expensive. many small company in order to absorb customer, they use copy brand parts for machine.

Follow let us check what copy part main have in the market.

Fiber Laser Machine Parts

For fiber laser marking machine, main parts include laser generator, galvo head, control system and F-theta lens. Laser generator is the most important fiber laser machine parts.

IPG laser source is one of the best brand in laser fields, so many people like it. But its price is very high. So many people use other small brand laser source instead real IPG. They do similar outside shape with IPG then use IPG’s label. Then they sold laser source with very low price and told customer they use IPG laser. Many customer is green hand and have no learning on it and buy this kind of machine.

Actually copy IPG is lower than many Chinese brand, but many green hand don’t know it and think it is real IPG so they buy. But when they get machine, machine have high broken rate and lifetime is very short.

To be honest, it is very easy to check whether it is real IPG laser. Each laser source have one special serial number and we can check it from IPG company. Of course, if one company offer far cheap price then others, also we should think about it.

In China market, the most popular copy parts is control system, include control board and software. We know most standard fiber laser marker use JCZ control system in China market. Actually, large company use copy software. It don’t come from JCZ company and from some small unname company. They will do old version JCZ control board and software then sold to some small company.

How to distinguish copy and original control system

Real control board have serial number and “JCZ” character on control board. Copy board don’t have it. some board have letter “IPG”.

Additional, copy software can’t update and can’t use original software which download from JCZ website. This is the best solution for customer to distinguish copy software and original software.


Another common copy part is galvo head. Now many small company said they use Scanlab galvo head. Actually nearly no real Scanlab in China market. We communicate with Scablab company before, one real galvo head need more than 3000usd.  So if people said they use Scanlab galvo head, 99% it is fake.

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