Fiber Laser Machine for Firearms Industry-Leo

Fiber Laser Marking System – Designed for Firearms marking & engraving

Work Principle

Fiber laser, it belongs to heat treatment, machine can mark signs on product by burn its surface.


The laser engraving machine can be used for engraving on gun stock, gun barrel, gun magazine, gun magazine holder, gun cylinder, gun muzzle of rifles, semiautomatics, shotguns, handguns and other weapons.

Product Features

Advantages of The Best Laser Engraving Machine for Guns, Firearms, Weapons as follow:

Chamber, compact and safe.

High speed scanning galvo head.

Marking size: 100*100mm

Gun laser engraver adopts lifting wheel and measures to adjust the focus length conveniently.

IPG and Raycus(optional)

2D working table for X and Y axis moving.

Rotary device for option.

XTL-FP 30/50 Mini model

  • portable model
  • Raycus/IPG laser source
  • China Famous Galvo head
  • Manual/Motorized up & down.
  • It can fit 110*110mm working area.
  • Packing size:79*72*84mm
  • Weight: 96 KG
  • It can add somker


















After sales service

  • XTLASER provide you Two years warranty for full machine,if some spare parts broken within warranty,we will repair it for free.
  • We have online after sales department,they can Speak English well,can from Email,whatsapp, FB, wechat, skype, phone call to solve your problems within 8 hours as the time difference.