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Fiber laser cutting machine as the most advanced metal cutting technology, most users are some large company due to its price is high. But nowadays fiber laser cutting machine is used in more and more metal cutting fields. As the price drops, more and more small company begin to use it. But for these users, most of them don’t have professional engineer for laser cutting. so how to select correct fiber laser generator power is a big problem for many user.

Fiber Laser Generator Power & Cutting capacity

Fiber laser cutting machine’s cutting capacity depend on the fiber laser generator power. Larger power means stronger cutting capacity.

With same fiber laser generator power, different material have different cutting thickness. In all metal material, mild steel (carbon steel or black steel) is the most easy cutting material. We can cut double thickness carbon steel then stainless steel. Stainless steel and carbon steel is the most common cutting material of fiber laser cutting.

Additional, fiber laser also can cut some high-reflective material, such aluminum, brass and copper. But it have high damage for fiber laser cutting generator, especially it will weaken fiber laser generator power if we cut these material for a long time.

How to Select Fiber Laser Generator Power

In order to select one correct fiber laser generator, the first fact we need consider is the max thickness for each material. Also we need select one little higher fiber laser generator power, it is not good idea to use machine’s limited cutting capacity.

For example, one people need cut 5mm carbon steel and 3mm stainless steel. 500w fiber laser cutting machine can meet his demand. But when select fiber laser generator, 750w fiber laser cutting generator is better choice. Why?

As we all know, laser generator power will falloff after 1 year, its attenuation rate is near 10% after long time. In this case, machine will become hard to cut previous thickness. So we need select little higher fiber laser generator power when select fiber laser cutting machine.

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