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Nowadays fiber laser engraving machine is getting more and more popular due to the technology’s development. Providing an industrial solution for product identification and traceability, our Fiber Laser Marking Systems allow manufacturers to mark or engrave serial numbers, bar codes, 2D Data Matrix and graphics on the widest variety of materials, including metals, plastics and ceramics.

Today, we’d like to share some application filed, targeting at different materials.

Fiber laser engraving machine, Marking on Metal surface, such as stainless steel, brass, and copper with series number, QR code, bar codes, and graphics, and so on.

2. Fiber laser marking machine for Marking series number, letters on plastic ABS and so on by fiber laser marking machine

3. Fiber laser marking machine for Marking graphics on Gold and silver:

From the above, you can see that the fiber laser marking machine has rich applicable fields with faster engraving speed, and permanent engraving effects on metal and some plastic surface.

Recently, many overseas clients choose to make the field inspection in our factory for fiber laser marking machine.

4. Some of our clients, will also choose to send their samples to test the effects directly.

The following is one of our clients, marking test in our factory for engraving plastic seals.

Fiber laser marking machine







5. Meanwhile, XT LASER, will also takes a lot of exhibition to get access to overseas clients, and also to promote our brand value and reputation.Exhibition-in-Germany-Munich






6. Our engineer is in overseas market to offer the training and installation service. Through this way, we get more close to every clients.

And also feel culture difference there, and feel the charming of overseas countries.


Engineer-from-XT LASER









With XT LASER’s Laser marking machines there is no need for any additives or pigments, and the system is fast and works with low power consumption. XT LASER’s laser marking system needs very limited resources to operate and it doesn´t generate any waste during the process.

Any questions about fiber laser marking machine, free to let me know.

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