Fiber laser cutting machines applications: Jill

Fiber laser cutting machines applications

Fiber laser cutting machines applications.

It is used to cut small components with a high degree of accuracy.

Fiber Laser Systems

Firstly,the laser can operate in continuous mode. The laser has the ability to cut thin materials at high linear speeds.

And fiber laser machinery are very stable and have low maintenance requirements.


Secondly,the intense narrow light beam,so that to cut materials that are usually difficult to cut.

And include mild steel, high strength steels, stainless steel, titanium, and platinum, also highly reflective metals, such as copper, precious metals such as silver and gold.

High Tolerances

Thirdly,the fiber laser can reach up to (0.02 mm) accuracy. Cause it uses servo motors for positioning,and ball transmission that’s adjustable to eliminate mechanical play.


Fourthly,productivity is high as the laser is capable of cutting at speeds of up to (200 mm/s).

Fiber laser cutting machine applications

Fifthly,cause it can cut complex components for many industries, including the medical device, automotive, aerospace, jewelry and general manufacturing industries that require small and micro components.

Examples include:

Firstly,Medical Devices: Various medical device and component parts

Secondly,Automotive: assembly of automobiles

Thirdly,Electronics: Semi-Conductor chips

Fourthly,Watch and Clock Components: make escapement wheels, shafts, and gears

Fifthly,Jewelry Manufacturing: monograms, necklaces, and earrings made with precious metals

It can cut a wide variety of materials for creating complex shapes

So fiber laser cutting machine offer both process cost savings, manufacturing benefits and better made products.

Finally,following with one of cutting videos:

So sharing the cutting samples from our customers,he shows off his masterpiece:

Fiber laser cutting machine applications









Fiber laser cutting machine applications

Cause you know fiber laser cutter with excellent finish,good edge detail,extremely high tolerances create opportunities for cost-effective manufacture of parts and components.

So if you would like to know more about the fiber laser cutting machine,just contact me,will support you.