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Fiber laser cutting machine’advantage in metal processing industry
The advantages of fiber laser cutting machine.

Traditional cutting technology to a flame cutting, plasma cutting, water knife cutting.

But laser cutting as a means of emerging technology in recent years.the advantafes of fiber laser cutting machine

And  a high energy density of laser beam to stay machining workpieces.

So make the local hot melt.

Then using high-pressure gas blowing to slag forming and cutting seam.

1. the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine
1. Narrow slot, high precision .

So good cutting roughness, no reprocessing after cutting.The advantages of fiber laser cutting machine

The advantafes of fiber laser cutting machine.

2. The laser processing system itself is a set of computer system, can the convenient arrangement.

So modifying, suitable for processing, especially for some and contour shape complex

Then sheet metal pieces, not more batch quantities.

So product life cycle is not long, the shenzhen court suitable mechanical and electrical, from technology.

Then ecnomic cost and time to measure Angle.

uneconomic of mold manufacturing,but laser  cutting particular advantage.

3. The energy density of laser machining is very big, time is short.

Small heat affected zone, small thermal deformation, thermal stress is small.

Then  laser is a mechanical contact process.

The workpiece is not mechanical stress effect, suitable for precision machining.

4. The high energy density of the laser is sufficient to melt any metal.

So especially suitable for processing but materials with high hardness.

high brittleness and other technological means of high melting point.

5. Low processing cost.

And one-time investment of the equipment is more expensive.

But the continuous and large amount of processing so eventually reduces the processing cost of each part.

6. The laser is non-contact processing.

the inertia is small, the processing speed is fast.

And the CAD/CAM software programming of the CNC system is convenient.

So overall efficiency is very high.

7. The high degree of automation of the laser can be completely closed.

And  no pollution, little noise.

Then improve the operating and environment of the operator.

2.Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine relative to early laser cutting:
1. The laser is transmitted to the focusing head through the optical fiber.

And the flexible connection is easy to automate with the production line.

2. Optical fiber ideal beam quality.

Then geatly improved cutting quality and work efficiency.

3. The high stability of the fiber laser and long pumped diode life.

determines the need not like the traditional lamp pumped laser to adapt to the need to adjust the current xenon lamp aging.

greatly improves the production stability and consistency of product.

4. The photoelectric conversion efficiency of optical fiber laser is higher than 25%.

So  the system consumes little power, but small size and small footprint.

5. Compact structure, high system integration, have few breakdowns and easy to use.

Then not need to optical adjustment then  low maintenance and even zero maintenance.

the shenzhen court suitable mechanical and electrical, and shock vibration, resistance to dust

And is suitable for real application in the field of industrial processes.