Fiber laser cutting machine water chiller:Charry

Fiber laser cutting machine water chiller

Fiber laser cutting machine water chiller.

It is necessary to replace the fiber laser cooling water for three months. The cooling water is Watson’s distilled water.

Ensure that the chassis is seal or not.

Fiber laser’s chassis is hermetically seal. Please keep the airtight state of the chassis.Its to prevent external high temperature and high humidity air from entering the chassis. We should notice the following aspects for the inspection of the tightness of the chassis.

1. Whether the cabinet doors are tight.Second whether the lifting bolts at the top are tight.Third whether the protective cover of the communication control interface at the rear of the chassis is cover or not.Fourth whether the used connector is fix, and whether the power cable inlet is seal.

2. If you need to open the cabinet door for some reasons during use, you need to turn off the chiller before you can open the cabinet door. After the cabinet door can be closed, please follow the starting sequence of the fiber laser, first turn on the laser power switch for more than 60 minutes, then turn on the chiller.

The advantages of laser in the field of processing.

1 Because it is non-contact processing, and the energy of the high-energy stainless steel laser cutting machine beam and its moving speed are adjustable.So it can achieve a variety of processing purposes.

2 It can process a variety of metals, non-metals.Especially materials with high hardness, high brittleness, and high melting point.

3 There is no “tool” wear during laser machining.And no “cutting force” acts on the workpiece.

4 During laser processing, the laser beam has high energy density, fast processing speed, and local processing.Which has no effect or minimal impact on non-laser irradiation. Therefore, the heat affected zone is small, the workpiece has small thermal deformation, and the subsequent processing amount is small.

5 It can process various workpieces in a closed container through a transparent medium.

6 Because the laser beam is easy to guide and gather to realize various directions. It is easy to cooperate with the numerical control system to process complex workpieces.So it is an extremely flexible processing method.

7Using laser processing, the production efficiency is high, the quality is reliable, and the economic benefit is good.

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