Fiber laser cutting machine components and functions-Catherine

Fiber laser cutting machine components and functions

Fiber laser cutting machine has widely applied in various industries. More and more people begin to pay attention to fiber laser cutting machine. And XT LASER explains the fiber laser cutting machine components and functions for you.


Fiber laser cutting machine is the main equipment of machine, light and electricity.And the integration of the whole system mainly compose of: a part of the host machine, laser, laser head, CNC system, operating platform, laser power supply, chiller, cylinder, air compressor, gas tank, cooling dryer, filter, exhaust dedusting machine, deslagging machine etc..

1. Machine body

Laser cutting machine body, the realization of the X, Y, Z axis movement mechanical parts, including cutting platform. It uses to move the cut workpiece and can move accurately and accurately according to the control program. It usually drive a servo motor.

2. Laser souce

A device to produce a laser light source.

3. Laser cutting head

Cutting head drive device program to drive the cutting head to move along the Z axis, consisting of servo motor and screw or gear transmission parts.

4. CNC system

Control machine tools to achieve X, Y, Z axis movement, but also control the output power of the laser.

5. Operating table

Using to control the working process of the whole cutting device.

6. Voltage stabilized power supply

Connected to the laser, the CNC machine tool and the power supply system. It is mainly to prevent the interference from external power grid.

7. Cold water unit

Used to cool the laser generator. A laser is a device that uses electrical energy to convert into light energy. For example, the conversion rate of a CO2 gas laser is generally 20%, and the remaining energy convert into heat. The cooling water takes the excess heat away to keep the laser generator working properly. Chiller of machine optical reflector and a focusing mirror for cooling, to ensure the stability of the beam quality, and effectively prevent the lens cause high temperature deformation or crack.

8. Gas cylinder

Including the laser cutting machine working medium cylinder and auxiliary cylinder, use to supplement the laser shock industrial gas and supply cutting head with auxiliary gas.

9. Air compressor, gas storage tank

Supply and storage of compressed air.

10. Air cooling dryer and filter

It is used to supply clean dry air to laser generator and beam path. So as to maintain normal operation of passages and mirrors.

11. The exhaust dust collector

The dust and dust produced when the processing is processed, and the filter is carried out to make the exhaust emission conform to the environmental protection standard.

12. Slagging machine

Excluding the edge and waste material and waste produced when processing.



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