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Fiber laser cutting machine system for stereotype

Fiber laser cutting machine system, as is known to all, are applied in more and more industries now.

Many customers have chosen to the fiber laser cutter rather than the co2 laser cutter.

We may meet with many customer asking cutting stainless steel, carbon steel,.

Besides, many of them ask for high-anti material cutting, like aluminium, brass and other metals.

But beside those above material, does the machine cut others?

These days, my American agent has a customer asking stereotype cutting.

However, we haven’t met with such material cutting before, then we did a test for them.

1.Whether the fiber laser cutting system cut stereotype or not?

So whether our fiber laser cutting machine system could cut the stereotype  or not?

The answer is right!

The fiber laser cutting machine system could cut, besides, the cutting outcome is fine.

Here first show a photo about our machine:

fiber laser cutter system
Metal laser cutting machine

This type machine is our new design, the white & grey color.

It is popular in the market, many customer like it very much.

Besides, the machine body is also our new design. the plate welding body.

The customer asks for cut 6mm  stereotype, we introduce 1000w machine with Raycus laser source for them.

We have done test about that, here is the cutting samples:

 stereotype cutting samples

This is the 6mm stereotype , this material is equal to the aluminium.

The difference is that the aluminium is the anti-high material, but the stereotype  is not.

2.What kind of gas should we need?

As we all  know. the melting point of the stereotype is low very much.

Therefor, under this situation, we cannot use the oxygen, which may be melted when the cutting process.

So we must use the Nitrogen,then assuring the cutting outcome.

If u are a stereotype  manufacturer and want to use our machine to cut your products, then u could contact with us:

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