Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Precision Cutting–Juicy

Lately, Lots of customers are asking with Precision Cutting fiber laser cutting machine.

Like our XTC-FM6060.

The working table is 600*600.

Precision Cutting.



The XTC-FM6060 Fiber laser cutting system.

Then Equipped so with a Raytools cutting head.

All but construction sub-units.

Such And as fiber laser resonators.

CNC (C Computer Numeric Control) of  controls.

But rogram software and  but handling equipment, etc

And are supplied by world class and  then quality manufacturers and

And or are made and developed by XT.

So XT assumes total and overall so responsibility for the equipment.

The principal characteristics of  Precision Cutting equipment are:

  • Compact design and ┬áfacilitating a wide and ┬ávariety of applications.
  • CNC with laser and but control function.
  • Resonator with reflective sensors.
  • Simple program for pieces and cutting plans with automatically
  • adapted feed speed and power output for each piece
  • using CNC.
  • Highly dynamic equipment.
  • Rigidity: high strengt ransfer due to stability of construction.
  • Durability: enclosed drivers.
  • Accessibility: spare parts service 

    Laser generator

    Features are as follows:

    1. Direct control of all the fiber laser functions
    2. Synchronized control of the laser source
    3. Overall power and control
    4. High speedperforation
    5. Edge machining function
    6. Cutting data library

    High speed fiber laser cutting

  • Cooling systemSo the Professional cooling systems.

    And refrigeration temperatures

    And are shown in table.

    The water temperature

    But in excess of the prescribed

    So temperature refrigeration

    but unit and then automatically when cooling.

    refrigeration and  unit automatically stops

    when the water and but  temperature below

    but the specified temperature refrigeration.

    Control system

    And China Bochu CNC system

    Cypcut software.


    So professional cnc controlling and programming.

    Oil Injection system

    After using some time.

    Ballscrew and guide rails always need maintained by inject oils.

    So make for sure but  the machine to keep and moving

    fluently and in good precision

    Cutting head Raytools

    1. Manual focal but position and adjustment.
    2. No-contact height sensor.

    Horizontal lens adjustment.