Fiber laser cutting machine slitting large problem – Catherine

Fiber laser cutting machine slitting large problem

Fiber laser cutting machine has become an indispensable tool in sheet metal processing. And the advantages of high cutting precision and high efficiency are to make the use of fiber laser cutting machine quickly occupy the market. Usually, when we use the laser cutting machine for processing, occasionally there will be a large cutting gap. And which will cause the cutting precision of the workpiece to drop. Then it will not meet the production requirements. What should I do if I encounter such a problem? And fiber laser cutting machine slitting large problem.

01. Check if there is any problem with the focal length.

In particular, pay attention to the change of the focal length after cleaning the lens and replacing the new lens, and adjust the correct focal length value!

02. Check if the lens is damaged or dirty.

Because this will cause the laser to scatter, causing the laser beam to become thicker, replacing or cleaning the lens.

03. laser tube is also a factor that can not be ignored, check the quality of the laser tube light exit spot.

If there is a bright spot or the spot is not round, hollow and other phenomena, for the laser tube support point, the direction is appropriate! The solution needs to adjust the support, turn the direction, and replace the laser tube.