Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Safety Production and Operation Rules – Catherine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Safety Production and Operation Rules

Now more and more people choose the fiber laser cutting machine to cut metal plate. However, the operate safety is also a very important thing for customers. So here will share some fiber laser cutting machine safety production and operation rules.

1. Operators must familiar with the equipment performance. And have received safety training, technical training and management training.
2. Then fiber laser cutting machine strictly implement all matters specified in the “operation manual”. And it provide by the original factory.
3. The equipment shall operat by a special person who has passed the training of the factory. And the company’s examination. Then non-professionals not allow to operate the fiber laser cutting machine without permission.
4. Then operators must wear labor protection equipment to prevent burns, burns, collisions and extrusion. And avoid light source radiation.
5. Make sure the water, electricity and gas are in normal state before starting the machine. After use, remove the air pressure and turn off the general power.
6. To keep the control room clean, dust will greatly reduce the power. And effectively extend the service life of the equipment in a dustless state. And keep the equipment clean and hygienic.

Here are the others points for the machine:

7. Should guarantee the control room of the ambient temperature between 5-30 ℃. And pay attention to the prevention of freezing cold water machine.
8. The lubrication condition of the equipment shall check frequently. And any abnormality shall stop immediately for maintenance and repair. Then the control system or laser fault shall contact with professional personnel. And if you turn on the laser without permission, you will have consequences.
9. The operator shall not leave the production site without permission when starting the machine. And shall strictly prevent the cutting head from damaging by “upturned plate”.
10. The air pipeline should always carry out air purge, especially when the temperature difference is large. And to prevent condensate from contaminating the lens.
11. Frequently check the sintering condition of grate bars. And replace the seriously sintered grate immediately.
12. The yellow optical cable is strictly prohibited to step on and pull strongly. And the bending radius shall not be less than 500mm.
13. Long-term shutdown shall be maintained and sealed. And the machine shall be tested when starting again.