Why when you choose fiber laser cutting machine can not only check the source power?-Catherine

Why when you choose fiber laser cutting machine can not only check the source power?

In the application of laser technology, fiber laser cutting machine technology to occupy more than 60% share. Its applications are mainly non metal cutting, such as textile and leather cutting. The other is the metal cutting, mainly in the processing of metal materials.

As a professional metal fiber laser cutting equipment manufacturers, have their own unique skills in the above two aspects. This paper introduces the method of improving the cutting quality of metal fiber laser cutting machine.

fiber laser cutter system
Metal fiber laser cutting machine

The user is to improve the quality of cutting in the purchase of the fiber laser cutting equipment. But often in the cutting process will take into account the cost savings, or even to save the extreme. Such as auxiliary gas impurity, resulting in power attenuation.

Sometimes we consider the profit and ignore the cutting thickness and output power of the fiber laser cutting machine. This paper explains some methods to improve the cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine. Then hope to attract the attention of the majority of users.

1. The thickness of metal materials

The output power of fiber laser cutting machine is generally 500W, 750W, 1000W, 2000W above is high power. The following 1000W power fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting carbon steel and 6mm thickness below 14mm following stainless steel products. The quality of the two types of products in the corresponding cutting thickness of the material is very good.  And can guarantee the cutting speed, laser cutting efficiency and cost saving.

And these two materials in more than applicable cutting thickness, the speed of cutting will slow. Cutting quality becomes worse, thicker material will not cut. In comparison, if it is less than the thickness of the cutting, such as 1mm stainless steel, the quality of its cutting will be very good. Without subsequent processing can be applied to the downstream link.

2. Surface roughness of materials

We all know that fiber laser cutting flexible processing method is good, not limited by the shape of the workpiece. But it is limited by the surface roughness. And can not achieve the perfect cutting effect. The more smooth the surface of the material, the better the quality of cutting. So the stability of the machine tool is also very important. And needs to ensure the working environment of laser cutting.

3. Laser output power

The thickness of the material output power of fiber laser cutting machine can cut more higher, the quality of the corresponding cutting will better. So the user in the purchasing process must clear their own material thickness and type. It can not be cut or not to want to avoid cutting quality.

In addition, the higher the degree of agreement between the laser cutting mode and the material, the better the quality of the cutting.

4. Cutting speed

No matter whether the laser cutting speed is too fast or too slow, the quality of cutting can not be obtained. Therefore, the speed of cutting can not be taken into consideration only when the working efficiency is improved, or the cutting speed is slow in order to obtain better quality. Select the appropriate cutting speed to achieve excellent cutting quality, this need to strictly in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer in the cutting process operation, control laser cutting process.


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