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Fiber laser cutting machine does not emit light solution

The quality and precision of the cutting process of fiber laser cutting machine has great advantages compared with flame cutting machine and plasma cutting machine. But in the process of using fiber laser cutting machine, you may encounter fiber laser cutting machine. Fiber laser cutting machine does not emit light solution.

In such a situation that there is no light, in the event of such a failure. Then do not panic, and there will be no serious problems.

All you have to do at this point is to check for yourself where the problem is. And then follow the instructions below.

1. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the water in the water tank is circulating normally, so that the water can be circulated normally. And if the water protection broke, it can short-circuit and protect.

2. Then click the pre-adjustment to see if the ammeter swings.

If it doesn’t swing, use a multimeter to test the fiber laser cutting machine power supply. There is 220v power input, there is 220v but there is no light. So maybe the power supply is faulty replace;
3. According to the above procedure, you can still use the universal meter to measure the voltage between 15 (H) or 16 (L) and 14 angles. If there is, the card is normal. There is no problem with the signal of the card;
4. If a sound occurs in the power supply of the fiber laser cutting machine, most of the power supply connectors are in poor contact. need to re-weld or connect. And then the dust inside the power supply clean.
If the user can’t solve the above methods, please contact the professional maintenance personnel. Otherwise it will affect the efficiency of the enterprise’s processing and production.\


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