The fiber laser cutting machine motors:Charry

The fiber laser cutting machine motors

The fiber laser cutting machine motors.

The numerical control system of fiber laser cutting machine has many different classifications, open loop system, closed loop system, etc. In fact, the motor of fiber laser cutting machine is also important, mainly introducing servo motor and stepping motor. Although they are the same motor, they are very different in nature.

The specific differences are as follows.

1. Control accuracy requirements are different

The stepping angle of the stepping motor changes with the degree of subdivision, and the control precision of the AC servo motor is controlled by the rotary encoder at the rear end of the motor shaft.

2. Different degrees of overload

Stepper motors generally do not have overload capability. But the AC servo motor has a strong overload capability.

3. Different moments

The output torque of the stepping motor decreases as the speed increases, and the AC servo motor is a constant torque output.

4. Different speeds of reflection

It takes a long time for the stepping motor to accelerate from standstill to the working speed, and the acceleration performance of the AC servo system is better, and the difference between the two is several hundred milliseconds.

5. Different operating characteristics

The control of the stepping motor is open-loop control. If the starting frequency is too high or the load is too large, it may stop working. When the speed is too high, the overshoot may occur.

The AC servo drive system is closed-loop control. Generally, there is no lost or overshoot of the stepper motor, and the control performance is more reliable.

6. Different vibration frequencies

The load condition and the performance of the drive will influence on the vibration frequency of the stepper motor. The AC servo motor runs very smoothly, and vibration does not occur even at low speeds.

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