1: Fiber laser cutting machine–How to maintain the cutting head (Raytools BT 240)–Clara

Fiber laser cutting machine is the most popular technology equipment for metal processing industry. Why do so many clients prefer to choose fiber laser cutting machine as their helper? We believe there are many advantages, high-efficiency, lower cost, long lifttime etc. And actually seldom maintanence takes the important part in the reasons. Today we will take about 5 articles to tell how to maintain Raytools BT240 cutting head.

Cleaning Lens

Based on the characteristics of laser cutting processing, the lens needs to be maintained regularly. It is recommended that the protective lens should be cleaned once a week. And the collimator and focus lens should be cleaned once every 2-3 months.

Essential tools: Dust-proof gloves, finger wraps, long fiber defatted cotton swabs, ethanol, rubber gas blowing.

Cleaning Steps:

  1. Left thumb and forefinger with finger wraps;
  2. Spraying the ethanol onto the cotton swab;
  3. Pinching the side edges of the lens with left thumb and forefinger (Note: the fingers cannot touch the lens’ surface, avoiding leaving traces);
  4. Taking a cotton swab by your right hand ( if you are used to left hand, please take right as your left); to wipe the lens from bottom to top or from left to right, single direction (Note: don’t wipe back and forth for avoiding secondary pollution).
  5. Blowing the lens’ surface with rubber gas. We must clean both sides, after cleaning, please confirm once again there is not any residue: detergent, absorbent cotton, foreign body, impurities etc.










You can see the specific step to clean the lens, if you need more information on how to maintain your cutting machine, please feel free to contact me.

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