Fiber Laser Cutting Machine: the Lowest-Cost Method to Cut Sheet Metals-Angelina

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine: the Lowest-Cost Method to Cut Sheet Metals


Fiber laser ctting machine is important in daily life.

Sheet metals are now playing a significant role in modern industries and business.

Such as construction, decoration, furniture, hardware, advertisement, mechanical processing, office stationary and so forth.

Behind this, fiber laser cutting machine have made a great contribution to sheet metal cutting and processing.

Fiber laser cutting technology has decades of history in which fiber laser has grown from a new star into a powerful leader in laser cutting industries.

And longtime industrial experience has convinced people that fiber laser cutter is the best way to cut sheet metals.

The reasons can be elaborated as below.

1.The reasons why fiber laser cutting machine is cost-effective

At first,higher cutting precision for sheet metal cutting.

Higher cutting precision is the most persuasive factor that can make fiber laser cutting machine stand out among other cutting methods.

When cutting sheet metals, fiber laser cutting machine are able to reach a perfect precision of 0.02mmwith a fast speed.

Which ensures the beautiful appearance and pattern of the sheet metals.

Secondly,increasingly lower price of fiber laser cutting machine.

With more money and energy being invested to fiber laser cutting technology, the cost of fiber laser cutters are reduced with time going by.

Thus you can buy a fiber laser cutter at a lower price, saving cost at the same time of making more profits.

Thirdly,it is more efficient energy utilization.

Energy utilization is an important index to calculate operation cost.

Fiber laser cutting machines are capable of transforming fiber laser energy and electric energy into as much heat as possible.

In this case, more intensified fiber laser heat works better on the surface of the sheet metals.

Fourthly, it is longer working lifetime and zero maintenance required.

The fiber generator of fiber laser cutting machine can work for a very long time, up to 100,000 hours.

And the machine requires no maintenance in its working span.

Which is superior to common Co2 laser cutters or other traditional cutting methods that needs regular maintenance and components replacement.