Fiber laser cutting machine installation environment:Charry

Fiber laser cutting machine installation environment

Fiber laser cutting machine installation environment.

a) Power supply specifications: three-phase five-wire system, 380V 50Hz;

b)Laser and chiller: 5KVA (for 500W laser)

c) Power quality: three-phase unbalance <2.5%, line voltage fluctuation <5%.

d) Grounding protection: grounding the machine tool, grounding the pile ground on the machine side,

or connecting the machine to the ground of the power supply, requiring grounding resistance < 4Ω.

e) A site environment that requires good ventilation, no dust, no corrosion, and no pollution.

f) Install the foundation without large vibrations around the ground and drill the anti-shock.

g) The laser source is required to be installation in a 20℃ environment

h) The chiller is a special equipment for providing cooling circulating water to the laser and QBH and cutting head lens.

The cooling circulating water requires high quality pure water or distilled water.

Preparation and inspection before use

a) Check if the machine oil level is within the normal range, otherwise add the oil to the normal range.

b) Otherwise check the relevant water and gas paths to ensure that the gas and waterways are clear and leaking,

and the gas and cooling water are of normal quality and are not contaminated.

c) Check the coaxiality of the laser and the nozzle to ensure that the laser beam is emitted from the center of the nozzle.

d) Check that the nozzle meets the cutting process requirements, otherwise replace the appropriate cutting nozzle.

e) Check if the auxiliary gas for cutting is normally connected, otherwise connect the auxiliary gas for cutting and

ensure that the gas pressure has been adjusted.


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