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Fiber laser cutting machine for food processing

Fiber laser cutting machine has a wide application in the different induistry

The food processing machinery is one of the products directly contacting with the food in the food manufacturing process.

Its quality affects the food safety directly.

It is unable to estimate the purchased and edible products manufactured by the unqualified machinery.

The quality of the food industry affects the food security directly.

Because it involves the health of human beings.
Some food processing machinery industries are facing the awkward condition of small-sized and scattered, big but not professional.

And the core technology of the product is unable to contend against the branded manufacturers.

In order to remain invincible in the market, the food processing machinery manufacturing must realize mechanization, automation, professionalization and scale, so as to liberate from the traditional manual working and workshop-style operation, thus improving the wholesomeness, security and working efficiency.

Compared with the traditional processing technology, the advantage of the fiber laser cutting machine in the food machinery manufacturing is extremely outstanding.

The traditional processing mean requires die sinking, punching, shearing, bending and several other links.

But it has low working efficiency, big mold consumption and high operation cost.

All these have hindered the steps of the food machinery industry to conduct innovative development.

However,fiber laser cutting  machine has the following advantages in the application of the food machinery.

1.Advantages in the application of the food machinery of fiber laser cutting machine

  1. Safety and sanitation: Laser cutting is a non-contact processing. So it is clean and healthy, suitable for the manufacturing of the food machinery.
  2. Cutting slot: The slot of laser cutting is usually 0.10~0.20mm.
  3. Smoothness of the cutting surface: The cutting surface of the laser cutting has no burr. Therefore, it can be used to cut the plates of various thicknesses. In addition, its cutting surface is very smooth. There is no need to conduct secondary processing to forge the high-level food machinery.
  4. The fast speed can improve the production efficiency of the food processing equipment effectively.