Fiber laser cutting machine focus:Charry

Fiber laser cutting machine focus

Fiber laser cutting machine focus.

When the laser cutting machine performs the cutting operation, there are some differences in the cutting quality of the focus position.

Therefore,it is very important to adjust the focus position of the laser cutting machine reasonably.

When the focus of the laser cutter is in the best position, the slit is small and the mass cutting efficiency is the highest, which can achieve the best cutting effect.

Different cutting focus positions correspond to different cutting surface roughness. And the relative position of the cutting focus and the cutting plate decide the cutting quality of the laser cutting machine.

1. The cutting focus is on the upper part of the workpiece surface
In this mode, the cutting airflow needs to be small, the temperature is sufficient, and the cutting and perforation time is relatively long. This mode is usually for cutting carbon steel sheets.

2. The cutting focus is on the lower surface of the work piece.
Mainly because the cutting plate needs a large cutting width, otherwise the auxiliary gas from the nozzle is prone to insufficient flow and the cutting slag cannot fall down. The disadvantage is that the cutting surface is rough and not suitable for high precision cutting.
This mode is usually for cutting stainless steel sheets

3. Cutting the focus on the surface of the workpiece
The smoothness of the upper and lower surfaces is different. It is commonly used when cutting workpieces such as SPC, SPH, and SS41.

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