Fiber laser cutting machine five characteristics – Catherine

Fiber laser cutting machine five characteristics

Before introducing the characteristics of the 3D fiber laser cutting machine, explain what is a 3D fiber laser cutting machine. And it is a state-of-the-art laser cutting head, high-precision capacitive tracking system. Then fiber laser and industrial robot system for multi-angle. And multi-directional flexible cutting of different thickness of sheet metal. So let’s introduce fiber laser cutting machine five characteristics.
First, the combination of cutting-edge fiber laser technology. And digital control technology represents the most advance level of laser cutting.
Second, the professional laser cutting machine control system, computer operation. And it can ensure the cutting quality, make the cutting work more convenient. So the operation is simpler.

Third, the imported ABB intelligent manipulator can realize three-dimensional cutting, convenient control and high intelligence. And ensure high speed, high precision and high reliability of the equipment.
Fourth, the laser cutting head equip with an imported laser cutting head, which is sensitive and accurate. And cooperates effectively with the manipulator to avoid collision between the cutting head and the processing plate, and can ensure the cutting focus position and ensure the cutting quality is stable.
Fifth, the laser cutting head can withstand 1.0Mpa gas pressure, high-pressure gas path equipment, and improve the cutting ability of difficult-to-cut materials such as stainless steel.

At present, the application technology of 3D fiber laser cutting machine has been widely used in automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, sheet metal processing, aerospace and other industries.