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  • Fiber laser cutting machine effect

  • As the laser industry develop. Fiber laser is more and more widely used in metal processing. Fiber lsaer can be used in all metal cutting.
  • XT LASER focus on fiber laser machine develop. And have been professional since 2004. But what cutting effect we get. Have some affect factors.
  • Like the focus position and auxiliary air pressure. Also the laser power and cutting speed. Nozzle shape choose also affect the cut effect.

First is the focus position.

The focal position will affect the cut roughness. The slope lance, and the the attachment of molten slag.

If too low  focal position is. Then will increase the heat absorption capacity of cutting material bottom. And got some slug on back side of cut edge.

For fixed cutting speed and auxiliary gas pressure . Higher focus position, will not cut through whole thickness.

And different material need different focus position request. For ss, need on plate middle position. For carbon steel, need on plate surface.

Cutting speed affect factor

During laser cutting, the speed have a big influence. The ideal cutting speed make the cut surface show smooth line. And there is no slag on the bottom of cutting edge.

When auxiliary gas and laser power is fixed, the cutting speed and lance is nonlinear inverse relationship.

When cutting speed is slow. The laser power will stay on the cutting lance. And  it will make the cutting lance largen

When cutting speed  increase. The laser energy focus shorter time on the work piece. This makes heat conduction effect become smaller.Also the cutting lance become thinner.

But if the cutting speed is so fast, the work piece can’t be cut through.  Due to the lack of cutting heat. This is not completely cut.

Auxiliary air pressure


The auxiliary gas can blow away the slag .And cool the heat affected zone during cutting.

Auxiliary include O2, N2, compressed air and other inert gas. Most metal material should use active gas such as O2.  As O2 did oxide the metal surface and improve the cutting efficiency.

Too low pressure can not blow awary all melt slag. But too high pressure will weaken the ability of remove the melt.

Laser power affect

For different thickness and materials. Need different laser power use. Higher power we use, higher discharge voltage we got. Also stronger peak laser power we got.

Then wider cutting lance we got.

As there are so many factors affect cut effect. We need do more test and try more parameters to get better cutting effect.


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