Fiber laser cutting machine dust treatment – Catherine

Fiber laser cutting machine dust treatment

When the fiber laser cutting machine is used for a long time, it will produce a lot of dust. And it will generate a lot of dust for the surrounding machinery. Therefore, we should treat the dust in a phased nature so that it can guarantee during the processing. Make sure that dust does not image the normal operation of our laser cutting machine. Then fiber laser cutting machine dust treatment.
The development of today’s technology has brought about the development and emergence of a series of high-tech products. And fiber laser cutting machine equipment is an important processing equipment of today’s industrial manufacturers. Then it can apply to the cutting of any material during its cutting process. Then processing, like the processing of metal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel and other materials. With the corresponding metal fiber laser cutting machine. And for non-metallic materials, not, leather, etc., has a special processing of non-processing metal fiber laser cutting machine. Therefore, the dust generate by cutting has become a major problem in the processing of various industries.
These dusts affect the health of the workers and the service life of the equipment. Therefore, dust removal is a workflow that operators must learn. How to deal with these dusts? Next,  shares the following two ways to deal with dust.

1. Fiber laser cutting machine dry processing referred to as dry cutting

When the fiber laser cutting machine dry-process, a simple treatment perform on the suction device on the cutting platform. The filter-filtered exhaust slag can meet international standards, so this device becomes At present, the most common soot trapping device works by utilizing the amount of suction generated by the comparative westerly device to perform a higher degree of soot collection, thereby experimenting with a simple negative pressure cutting. Because of its simple structure, it is widely used in the industry.

2. Fiber laser cutting machine wet processing referred to as wet cutting

The working method has different principles from the dry type. The cutting platform of the fiber laser cutting machine is used to change the cutting environment during the cutting work, so that the method can directly cut the underwater or water surface, and use water to capture the cutting. The soot generated in the process achieves a purification process and cutting effect. Since laser cutting is a processing principle using a laser beam, this method has a certain image for the cutting quality, but the dust generated by the cutting is almost zero, and many merchants will adopt this processing method.
The above is a different way for the fiber laser cutting machine to handle dust. We can handle it according to our own methods and methods. Only in this way can we ensure that the fiber laser cutting machine will not cause problems during the processing. The fiber laser cutting machine is in the process. In the process of processing, only in all aspects can be cut well, I believe we can be prepared accordingly.