Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Details-Tulsa

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Details-Tulsa

Because of the fiber laser cutting machine is more and more popular and competitive.

More and more supplier, manufacture is prepare and already to develop this area.

But fiber laser cutting machine details, many details need to know and learn.

So let us share any fiber laser cutting details now.

No.1 Gas

Actually, different power have different cutting thickness.

For example, 500w fiber laser cutting machine can cut max 3 mm Stainless steel and 6mm carbon steel.

Even if we don’t suggest you use machine to cut it Max thickness.

But some clients budget is not enough, or they no need to cut many Max thickness sheet.

They will choose machine according this machine the Max cutting ability.

If you need to cut 2mm stainless steel use 500w fiber laser cutting machine.

We suggest use N2, because air cutting will not smooth, and result not good.

And high power will be more fast and smooth, besides durable.

So if you always need to cut 3mm stainless steel, we suggest at leat 750w.

No.2 Gas pressure

Besides, according to the thickness you need to cut, gas pressure is not different too.

If you need to cut thick plate, you need high pressure gas.

Because pressure is mot enough, the scrape will not clean enough.

So it will effect cutting result because of this question.

So, do you know how important the fibe rlaser cutting machine details is?

It will effect many thing even if this is a little problem.


So according to the fiber laser cutting machine details we shared, did you got it?

If you can got these information, hope it will help you.

If you have any other questions, we are very glad to answer you also.

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