Fiber laser cutting machine common fault part2:Charry

Fiber laser cutting machine common fault part2

Fiber laser cutting machine common fault part2.

Fiber laser cutting machine common fault part2

Firstly,cutting / engraving depth is not ideal.

1.Whether the cutting/engraving processing parameters are normal. Set the appropriate processing parameters.

2.Is the laser power setting normal: Set the laser power correctly.

3.Laser output is weak: see point 2.

Secondly,the computer and equipment are not online

1.Whether the scan switch is turn on: Turn on the scan switch.

2.Is the motion system energize: Check the motion system for power and make it normal.

3.Is the DSP motion control card damage: So replace the DSP motion control card.

4.Is the signal cable loose: Reinsert the signal cable plug and secure it.

Thirdly,the processing size has errors or malfunctions

1.Is the whole machine and computer ground properly: Ground the device and computer well.

2.Is the signal line normal: Replace the signal line.

3.Computer operating system failure or virus infection: Reinstall the operating system or antivirus.

4.Is the computer running properly: So replace or dispose of the computer.

5.The power supply is unstable or has an interference signal: install a voltage regulator or eliminate interference signals.

6.Whether the application software is normal: Reinstall the driver software for the software and motion control card.

7.Whether the processing parameters are set correctly (such as layout, etc.): reset the corresponding parameters

8.Whether the machining program is normally: Check the machining program and modify it until it is normal.

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