Fiber laser cutting machine Cliens questions-Tulsa

When buy a set of fiber laser cutting machine, customers will consider and have many questions.

It is very normal for every customer to compare the price and quality of machine from different suppliers.

So now we made a summary of Fiber laser cutting machine Cliens questions.

1.Auxiliary gas

When cutting Carbon steel, auxiliary gas is only O2.
When cutting Stainless steel, auxiliary gas can be N2 or O2 .
If using O2, cutting edge will be oxydized and not smooth and show black color.
If using N2, cutting effect is very good and smooth.

2.What program stands on remote CNC?

Cypcut software is with laser machine.

3.What is included in a machine?

Fiber laser source, Laser machine bed, Water chiller,PC,Laser cutting head .etc.

4.Exhaust fan is included?

No, exhaust fan is 3kw generally, it is OPTIONAL accessory.Price is 700 USD/set
5.on burning with your laser. how much do I need the air pressure?
N2 13 Mpa             O2 5 Mpa                     Air 13 Mpa

6.Can we cut aluminum 2mm and steel 2mm with just compressed air?If yes what the pressure we need?

Yes, you can no matter it is 1kw IPG or 1.2kw nLIGHT, it can cut 2mm Al or steel.
It need about 1.3MPa pressure

In fact, in theory, if use compressed air to cut aluminium,
it is better effect than N2 or O2. we suggest you to use compressed air.

7.consumption of gases (nitrogen, oxygen) in liters/hour

This depends on the thickness of the cutting material.
NOTE: For example. In China, one bottle of Liquid Oxygen is 50$/bottle.

Standard oxygen or nitrogen gas bottle is 40L/bottle.
1mm Carbon steel 40L/40minutes
2mm Carbon steel 40L/50minutes
3mm Carbon steel 40L/60minutes
4mm Carbon steel 40L/70minutes
5mm Carbon steel 40L/80minutes
6mm Carbon steel 40L/90minute
For carbon steel,
The thicker metal you cut, the less Oxygen pressure you need,
because if use higher Oxygen pressure for thicker metal sheet, it will be burned.
0.5-0.8mm stainless steel 40L/30minutes
1mm stainless steel 40L/30minutes
2mm stainless steel 40L/30minutes
Generally speaking, the thicker metal sheet,the higher Nitrogen pressure it needs.
For example, if cut 1mm ss, use 10kg Nitrogen.
If cut 4mm ss, need 20kg Nitrogen.
But in order to keep high cutting speed for thin metal sheet , such as 1mm.
So we suggest client to adjust same pressure, all of them are 20kg,
in this way, it not only can make sure high speed when cut thin sheet,
but can make sure cutting thick metal sheet. size, cleanliness, air conditioning etc.

1)Room size : for 1530 machine, size should be at least 6000*7000mm
2)Room should be clean, no dust
3)Room temperature should with 18—25 degress
4)Standard voltage of laser machine in China : 380v or 3 phase, 50 Hz

9.Water chiller

Water Chiller of Fiber laser cutting machine:
Water cooler inside need to add purified water or distilled water
If the quality of pure water is not particularly good, it is recommended to change the water once every 2 weeks.

Good quality water, once a month for water.

10.Consumables of laser head

Write about each of this items. For what we need each of it?

How do you think what of it we need to offer the client?

focus lens,   protective lens,   nozzle and ceramic rings.
NO.            Name                               Quantity                Time Hours       USD/piece             Remark
1                  Nozzle                          1 or 2 Maximum         500                          15
2         Protective Lense                   2  Maximum              500                         15
3              Focus Lense                       1  Maximum              500                         130
4           Ceramic Ring                        1  Maximum              4000                      70

As the above info, we have given clients some spare parts freely.
Nozzle and Protective lens are easily consumed, so we give more freely.
Focus lens and ceramic ring, they are not easy to be broken, so it no need to have it very many.

11. Diameter of Brass nozzles we need to offer clients?

Differences between brass nozzles diameters?

What diameters we need for different metals?

there are 3 diameter of nozzles, 1.5 , 2.0, 3.0
1.5 including, Single layer and double layer
single layer is better for cutting ≤ 1mm ss
double layer is better for cutting ≤ 1mm cs
Quantity: 1.5 single 1 pc, 1.5 double 1 pc
2.0 & 3.0 including,Single layer and double layer
single layer is better for cutting thick ss
double layer is better for cutting thick csQuantity:
2.0 single 2 pc,  2.0 double 2 pc
3.0 single 2 pc,  3.0 double 2 pc
Totally 10 pcs.

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