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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is one of the most advanced and common solution on metal cutting fields. Follow several industry fields are the most popular application.

1. Sheet-metal working

Sheet metal working is metal plate cutting. We need cut steel plate into various different shape. We know sheet metal working need cut many different shape or parts, if we use punching machine and we will do many different mold. Fiber laser cutting machine is different, we just need input the cutting file to computer then it will do it automatic. Additional, when we need cut same shape next time, we just need find the old file and no need adjust parameter again. Of course, due to fiber laser cutting machine is non-touch working, nearly it have no any parts loss.

2. Kitchen Wares Cutting

Now most new house use stainless steel kitchen wares. Fiber laser cutting machine have big advantage on thin stainless steel cutting.  It have high cutting speed, precision and performance. The most important is it can do customized making and DIY designing.

3. Decoration Industry

Due to fiber laser cutter have very fast cutting speed and can finish many complex shape soon, Decoration company like to use it. Just we design the pattern with CAD, this machine will finish it soon.

fiber laser cutter

4. Case and cabinet

Most power distribution cabinet and file cabinet are standard on metal sheet size and thickness. So it need fast speed and high working efficiency. Fiber laser cutter is very suitable for case and cabinet production.

5. Fitness equipment

Now people pay more and more attention on personal health. Plaza fitness equipment and home fitness equipment develop fast and have big requirement. Most of this is pipe cutting, so tube fiber laser cutting machine is very suitable.

Except above industry, fiber laser cutting machine also have wide application on elevator producing, light box producing, ad fields and so on. It the future of metal cutting solution.

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