Fiber laser cutting machine–Acerina

Fiber laser cutting machine

Detailed description of the fiber laser cutting machine .

1 Impact on environment and energy
a) The laser of the laser cutting machine is a fiber laser generator, which generates exhaust gas when cutting,

Therefore, when cutting these special materials, we need to first purify the exhaust gas from the dust extraction device and then discharge it into the atmosphere.
b) The laser of the laser cutting machine is a class 4 laser product.

The beam emitted from the laser cutting machine, or reflected and diffusely reflected by the lens.may cause damage to the human body (especially the eyes). The personnel present should pay attention to protection and prevent fire from occurring.

2.2.1 Eye and Skin Protection

In laser processing, we usually use CO2, YAG, FIBER, lasers,.but different types of lasers do harm to the human body.

The YAG laser may damage the retina of the eye. Because the wavelength of the YAG laser is extremely high in the transmission of the eye.the damage is also greater. The hazard of CO2 lasers is mainly burns to the cornea of the eye.

The hazards of high-power FIBER lasers are primarily skin burns. All three types of laser radiation can cause cataracts and burns to the skin. Therefore, when adjusting the laser, according to the type of laser, use appropriate protective measures.