Fiber laser cutting machine for 8mm carbon steel-Angelina

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Fiber laser cutting machine for 8mm carbon steel

Fiber laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting metal material.

For different thickness material, we need equip with different power laser source.

And for different material, the gas using is also different.

For example, oxygen is mainly used for the carbon steel, nitrogen is used for stainless steel.

Oxygen is helpful for the burning, nitrogen is against for Oxidation.

And for those material below the 2mm, the customer could use the air as auxiliary gas.

It could help save much cost fro customer.

1.Fiber laser cutting machine for carbon steel

Most of our customers would like to cut steel, like carbon steel and stainless steel.

Last week i just received one customer from America, he ask for cutting 8mm carbon steel.

The working area is 1500*3000 mm.

According to his specific requirements, we introduce the 750w fiber laser cutting machine to him.

fiber laser cutting machine

For the 8mm carbon steel, the speed of our machine could reach  0.72-1.84.

Comparing with the stainless steel, the carbon steel would be easier for cutting.

For this type machine, the machine body is one of the most important parts of the whole machine.

Our company equip with the thick plate welding machine body,which could keep the machine stable.

Therefore, it could assure the cutting outcome and accuracy.

fiber laser cutting machine

There are many holes of the machine body, it is helpful for removing dust and distributing heat.

For the gantry, also called x axis, we equip with the Manganese steel for the beam.

This material is light on weight, it could increase increase the acceleration speed.

In the end, saving the cost and lower the energy efficiency.

For the transmission type, our fiber laser cutting machine is rack and pinion.

For the driving type machine,. rack and pinion may make the machine put into effective using.


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