Fiber laser cutting machine use different gas for different materials-Ethan

With the era of laser century,more and more companies have a revolution,they  use variety of laser cutting machine for producing.And the fiber laser cutting machine is a important application.But so many materials of different sorts,could we cut them with an exactly same parameter.of course not!We need to use different gas to cut different materials.

Common used gas and its applicable materials.

Companies and factories can use oxygen to cut carbon steel.

Companies and factories could  use nitrogen for stainless and reflective materials.

And we can use air  for carbon steels too,but we need to purchase an air compressor first.

How could the gas make a dissimilitude?

Cause oxygen is a oxidizing gas,during the cutting process, oxygen will react with the components of stainless steel to form oxides, which will oxidize the film during the slitting process. These oxides have a high melting point , which leads to the residual oxidation in the slit. The film makes the slits black and yellow, as well as slag. Therefore, the stainless steel is generally cut with nitrogen to prevent oxidation.

Nitrogen  is colorless and transparent,and as one of the inert gas,it can’t make chemical reaction with stainless steel and reflective materials  in white commonly.

We could save cost of cutting if we use air for a long period,but there are many impurities in air,so we need to buy a air compressor.

Samples of cutting materials with these gas when use fiber laser cutting machine

Cut stainless steel with nitrogen:

Cut carbon steel  with oxygen:

The videos and pictures show us a fact vividly.When we cut stainless steel,firstly we need to make sure one thing:we can use this cutting machine to cut the materials successfully.And then,we need guarantee that after the machining procedure,the materials should be smooth and bright enough.

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