The reason of fiber laser cutting machine chiller alarm (lisa)

The reason of fiber laser cutting machine chiller alarm

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    The water cooling machine is a cooling system of the laser cutting machine, to ensure that the cavity mirror is not damage by heat, the resonant cavity and the resonant cavity frame are not deforme by heat, the working gas can work normally, and the high voltage system can work normally. In order to be used with the laser, as well as the chiller will  have a corresponding alarm protection box alarm output. Generally, the cause of the water cooler alarm of the laser cutting machine will be caused.

1. The power supply system is abnormal. The low power supply can easily cause the water cooler to alarm, so please ensure the normal supply voltage.

2. The amount of water in the chiller is too small. Need to be filled with pure water.


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3. Blocking the water pipe and water protection, and the increase in water flow resistance will also cause an alarm. At this time, some cleaning and finishing work needs to be done.

4. If the water temperature is too high, it will cause an alarm, and it is necessary to change the water in time.

5. There is a problem with the water pump in the chiller.

Therefore, it’s much more important to do maintance for the water chilling systerm


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