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How To Cut Circular Hole By Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

In metal processing industries, it requires perforation for many metal processing jobs. There are many equipment can punch hole in the market, fiber laser cutting machine is one of them. Compared with other cutting equipment, it is more precise and faster. When use fiber laser cutter to cut circular hole, there are many matters that users should be paid attention to.

1.Choose suitable gas pressure

Too excessive or too small both can influence cutting effect. When the gas pressure is too small, the cutting edge will be rough. The hole will popping when the gas pressure is too excessive. The gas pressure is better to above 1.6Mpa when cut stainless steel by nitrogen. If use oxygen to cut stainless steel and carbon steel, the thicker the steel, the lower the pressure.

2.Servo motor parameters

Servo motor parameters are related to the circular movement.

If the parameters are not correct, the mismatch of the X and Y axes movement will cause the ellipse or irregular shape when cutting circular holes.

3.The hole size

It is better to cut 1:1 hole. The larger the aperture, the better the cutting result.

These are the important matters when cutting circular hole with fiber laser cutter. If you want to know more technical details about our machine, free to contact us.

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