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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

With the development of laser technology, fiber laser cutting machine become more and more popular on sheet metal cutting fields.

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Several years ago, YAG laser cutting machine and CO2 laser cutting machine have occupy a large market. Recent years fiber laser cutting machine is instead YAG & Co2 laser cutting machine and other traditional cutting solution, such as EDM, Plasma cutting, water jet cutting and Wire EDM.

In thin sheet cutting field, most user have instead of these traditional cutting solution with fiber laser cutting machine. But what is sheet, what is plate, what is cut deal? Do you know how to distinguish so many different metal plate?

Mild steel plate as a sample

  • Sheet


Sheet means metal plate less than 4mm, usually we call it thin plate. Mild steel and Stainless steel as two main cutting material, most company select laser cutting machine on this field.

  • Medium Plate

Thickness: 4mm~20mm

Also we call it middle plate, 1kw & 2kw laser machine is popular in this field.

If plate thickness under 10mm, 1kw fiber laser cutting machine is suitable.

if plate thickness from 10~20mm. 2kw machine is suitable.

  • Heavy Plate

Thickness: 20~60mm
Usually we call it thick plate, it need 3kw laser machine at least.

Fiber laser cutting machine is not very popular in this field.

  • Extra thick plate

Thickness: 60~600mm. some country could reach to 700mm

No fiber laser cutting machine could used in this field.

On thick plate cutting fields, co2 laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine have big advantage than fiber laser. These kind of machine have very good complementary relationship. Some large metal plate processing center have all these machine in order to meet different cutting demand.

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