Main Application Fields of Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine-Teresa

Fiber laser cutting machine have been more and more popular in metal processing industries. Which industries are the mainstream application field of fiber laser cutting machine? We believe many laser machine investors have interest in this question.Because it can help to develop their laser business better. Below we concluded 8 main applications of fiber laser metal cutting for your reference.

fully enclosed fiber laser cutting machine

1. Decoration industry

There are many complex graphics can be quickly processed by efficient fiber laser cutting system. Because fiber laser cutting machine has high speed and is flexible. And the cutting results have won the favor of decoration companies. When customers ordered a special design, the relevant materials can be directly cut out after the CAD drawing is made. Hence there is no problem in customization.

2. Automobile industry

Many metal parts of the automobile can be processed precisely by fiber laser metal cutting machine. Such as car doors, automobile exhaust pipes, brakes, etc. Compared with traditional metal cutting methods like plasma cutting, fiber laser cutting ensures wonderful precision and work efficiency. This highly improves the productivity and safety of automobile parts.

3. Advertising industry

Because there is a large number of customization products in the advertising industry. The traditional processing method is obviously inefficient. However, the fiber laser metal cutter is quite suitable for the industry. No matter what kind of designs, the machine can produce high quality laser cut metal products for advertisement use.

4. Kitchenware industry

Nowadays people have higher demand on the design and application of kitchenware.Sso kitchen-related products have a promising market around the world. Fiber laser cutting machine is very suitable for cutting thin stainless steel. Because it has fast speed, high precision, good effect, and can bring smooth cutting surface. Also it can realize customized and personalized products development.

5. Lighting industry

At present, mainstream outdoor lamps are made of large metal pipes that are manufactured with different cutting types. Traditional cutting method not only has low efficiency, but also can not achieve personalized customization service. Fiber laser metal plates and pipes cutter rightly serve as a perfect laser solution that solves this problem.

6. Sheet metal processing

Fiber laser cutting machine is born to process metal sheets and pipes in modern metal processing industries where precision and productivity are increasingly required. XT laser fiber laser cutters have shown reliable and highly efficient cutting performance according to our customers’ feedback, you could also check this post to learn more about the features and advantages of our fiber lasers.

fiber laser cutting machine Motor

7. Fitness equipment

Public fitness equipment and home fitness equipment have developed rapidly in recent years. Therefore the future demand is particularly large. Fitness equipment manufacturing industries have been booming with the fiber laser metal cutting technology.

8. Home appliance industry

With the development of modern technology, the traditional processing technology of the home appliance manufacture industry continues to transform and upgrade. Metal laser cutting machine is one of the most powerful processing methods in current metal processing industry. In the home appliance manufacturing process, there is much to do for fiber laser cutters.  No matter it is to improve the processing quality or optimize the appearance of the product.

Fiber laser cutting machine has the incomparable flexibility and processing precision of the traditional processing method. Because it uses “contactless processing” method that does not need mold making and extra cost. Therefore, fiber laser cutting technology can effectively improve product quality. It can also reduce production costs and labor intensity. What’s more, it can improve traditional sheet metal processing technology, and bring more benefits to manufacturers.