Fiber laser cutting machine 1500w – Jennifer

Fiber laser cutting machine 1500w is the cutter, using the optical laser source generator.  Fiber laser source use the CNC system’s moving to realize the automatic cutting. It’s cutting speed is fast and cutting precision is high. Fiber laser cutting machine can cut the normal metal surface, and can also cut the angle cutting. It’s cutting edge is flat and smooth. This machine will be used in the metal cutting processing in metal plate. Meanwhile, by adding the robot arm, it can realise the 3D laser cutting to replace the advanced 5 axis laser. Compared with the normal CO2 laser cutter, fiber laser cutter is more space-saving & gas-consumption. Photoelectric conversion rate is high. It is the new environmetal protection products. And it’s also one of the most advanced products in the world in the fiber laser stainless steel cutting machine.

The advantages of fiber laser cutter, when compared with the CO2 laser cutting machine

Firstly.High quality laser beam: the focus laser spot is more thicker. The cutting line is more accurate. The working efficiency is more high. The processing quality is better.

Secondly.High cutting speed: It is the 2 times of CO2 laser cutter under the same power

Thirdly.High stability: By using the advanced laser source, it’s performance is more stable. The key part’s lifetime is about 100000 hours.

4. High photoelectric conversion rate. Fiber laser cutting machine’s photoelectric conversion rate can reach to 30%. It is the 3 times of CO2 laser cutting machine. It is more environmetal.

5.Low using cost: The whole power consumption only takes the 20-30%, compared with the same CO2 laser cutting machine.

6.Low maintenance cost: there is no need the laser source working gases. By consumption with laser,  no need the reflective mirror.  It can save a lot of maintenance cost;

7.Easy operation and maintenance: No need to adjust the laser path, and it passed by the fiber laser.

8.High Flexible light guide effects: compact structure.