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Fiber laser cutters is becoming one kind necessary equipment for metal cutting. Although its operation is much more easy than other large industry machine. We need take care on many details in order to avoid some wrong operation and problems.

Boot order of fiber laser cutters

  1.  Check all working area whether have some barrier may influence gantry&laser cutting head’s moving.
  2.  Open main power and other branch power for each part.
  3.  Open voltage stabilizer and check its running situation. Voltage is very important for whole fiber laser cutting machine. Once it can’t run normally, it may damage all fiber laser cutters system.
  4.  Open power switch of fiber laser source and make the air conditioner running more than 30 minutes at least.
  5.  When fiber laser source power running about 20 minutes, open air compressor and check its running.
  6.  Open air gas valve and dryer, check its running and air pressure.
  7.  According to our demand we can open the auxiliary gas valve then check whether it can work normally.
  8.  Start control system, laser cutting head should back to origin when control system start normally.
  9.  Open water chillier after open laser source’s power 30 minutes.
  10.  Check laser source’s running situation when water chillier’s real water temperature reach ±1℃ of setting.
  11.  Open exhaust and begin cutting

Shut Down order of fiber laser cutters

  1.  Close exhaust first
  2.  Close laser source’s high press and let laser cutting head back to origin. Then we need close control system according to request. Then shut down its power, machine bed main power
  3.  Close Water chillier
  4.  Close dryer and gas each gas valve
  5.  Close air compressor
  6.  Shut down fiber laser source power or keep it in power situation, in this case we can use it fast in second day
  7.  Shut down voltage regulator
  8.  Shut down each branch power and main power

If we don’t use machine more than 1 hours, that’s better shut down the high press of laser source, but keep laser source running and shut down water chillier. When we use machine again, open water chillier and let its temperature reach setting then begin to use this machine. But pls take care we can shut down laser source but keep water chillier running.

Fiber Laser Cutters

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