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Fiber laser cutter for small thickness metal material

Fiber laser cutter has different power range.

Some European and American customers prefer to producing the high power machine.

For example, they mostly produce the above 10000w machine for large industry application.

Some other countries would like to produce some middle power machine, like 8000w, 7000w etc.

In our company, we mainly produce the 300-3000w fiber laser cutting machine.

We may often meet with many customers who ask for thick material cutting, most of the may ask for the high or middle power machine.

However, there are still many customers who are in need of the small power machine.

Such as the 300w,500w and 750w fiber laser cutter.

Under no situation can we ignore those customers.

Yesterday we received one customer from India, he is a producer of the key chains.

His products material is stainless steel, 0.5mm.

fiber laser cutter

For this processing requirements, some customers may wonder whether they could use the high power marking machine?

Cause they may think their products material is thin, fiber laser marking machine is enough.

However, we do not advise the customer to choose the fiber laser marking machine to cut metal.

The only material they could process is the silver, gold and brass.

Long time procession would influence the laser source lifetime.

In this situation, the 300w fiber laser cutter machine would be a better choice.

This type machine could not only finish the customer work, but improve the cutting accuracy and outcome.

fiber laser cutter

This is our small working area machine, 1500*1500m working area.

It could save much space and cost than the 1500*3000mm working area.

Besides, if the customer have security requirements , we could also add a protective cover on the machine.

It is popular in the market!

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